Camping As A Hobby - Is It A Good Hobby?

Camping As A Hobby – Is It A Good Hobby?

Camping is an activity that became popular around the early 1900s; however, camping has a way longer history linked with it. Did you know that camping is a popular hobby around the world? Camping is an exciting outdoor activity that can be pursued as a great hobby. Let’s find out the pros and cons of Camping as a hobby in this article.

Camping gives you an adventurous experience that helps you escape from ordinary life once in a while and makes you feel much better. Trying out new things adds more value and excitement to anyone’s life.

Following such activities in your leisure time will undoubtedly make that time productive. In this article, we will be talking about camping. Keep reading if you are curious to know what makes it a good hobby. 

If you ever come across the question of whether camping is a hobby, the most straightforward answer is yes. Camping is an outdoor activity and an excellent hobby with several benefits. In the simplest sense, camping is a recreational activity where you build temporary shelters outside your home and spend time there getting connected with nature.

In other words, it is a way for you to live differently from your everyday lifestyle, which could be challenging yet more exciting. For some people, camping can be a spontaneous activity, but for others, it is a hobby. A hobby is an activity that we follow consistently during our leisure time. Camping might sound complicated; nonetheless, it is a perfect hobby to pursue. 

Every human being needs a hobby in their life because hobbies help us to make ourselves content. People choose their hobbies according to their preferences.

Camping is the perfect hobby if you are curious, adventurous, and, most importantly, fond of nature. This article will help you to understand how to follow camping as a hobby. 

Why is camping a good hobby?

What makes camping a good hobby? Speaking of hobbies, camping might not be the first thing that pops into your mind; however, it is an excellent hobby for multiple reasons. As human beings, we need to experience new things in life because it keeps us happy and alive.

Why is camping a good hobby?

Waking up in the morning, going to school, university, or work, doing household chores, and running errands are a part of our daily lives. Doing these things on repeat could be exhausting at a certain point which is why we follow hobbies.

Hobbies add novelty to our lives, and for some time, it helps us let go of troubles and enjoy ourselves. Camping is an outdoor activity creating space for you to explore new things outside your normal lifestyle. Doing camping as a hobby gives numerous benefits, and some are noted below. 

Camping is a hobby that contributes to both physical and psychological well-being. Since this is an outdoor activity, physical exertion is required. You have to get out of your house and find the perfect spot to go camping.

Camping sites are often located in less populated areas. Therefore camping often involves hiking, trekking, and similar activities, which will automatically provide you with exercise.

Suppose you go camping somewhere close to home. You still need to be physically active to make the tent, prepare food, and so forth. So camping is not just a fun activity but also a great form of exercise.

As mentioned, camping benefits not only physical well-being but also mental well-being. Camping allows us to get connected with nature which is therapeutic. If you are stressed out with your regular life, camping is an ideal way to let go of that intense feelings.

Camping can bring relaxation and much satisfaction, contributing to one’s mental health. Camping is also a perfect way to connect with family and friends, meet new friends, and expand your social network.

You can also try out adventurous things such as preparing food outside and having a bonfire night. Thanks to all this, camping can be considered a good hobby. 

Is camping a cheap hobby?

When you select a hobby, it is essential to prioritize your interests and desires. However, there are also other things that you should pay attention to. For instance, you should know how much spare time you can spend and how much it costs to pursue your preferred hobby.

Camping is indeed a good hobby, but is it a cheap hobby? Camping is not the cheapest hobby one can follow. However, it is possible to align the requirements with your budget. 

Although camping is a relatively expensive hobby, you can turn it into a low-cost one if you are smart enough. You have to bear the cost of the camping site and the needed equipment when camping.

The tent is the most important thing you need for camping and usually the most expensive. You can find tents for affordable prices if you do a good background check. Furthermore, make sure to take proper care of the tent; set it up according to instructions and keep it safe after camping.

If you use the tent correctly, you can use it repeatedly, reducing the expenses to a reasonable extent. Typically people take sleeping bags for camping. However, you can stick with alternatives.

You can use a couple of blankets and make your own sleeping bags rather than purchasing expensive ones. Be innovative and think about how you can cut off unnecessary expenses. When selecting a camping site, compare a few sites and pick the affordable one. 

How to start camping as a hobby?

How to start camping as a hobby?

If you wish to follow camping as a hobby, there are certain things that you should be aware of. Doing it right will always make it a productive and meaningful hobby.

Below is a simple guide on how to start camping as a hobby.

  • Find a suitable time and place 

Camping is an outdoor activity; therefore, you must pay attention to when and where you will go camping. How would you select a suitable location for camping?

You can find plenty of camping sites if you search online; nonetheless, if you are new to camping, it is better to select a location just a short distance from home. Staying close to home will be beneficial in any case of emergency.

Once you get the hang of camping, you can explore your options at different sites. You should also remember that weather and season will significantly impact your chosen location.

So when you allocate time for camping, always check the weather condition and prepare things accordingly. 

  • Make a checklist 

There are essential things that you need for camping. So make a checklist, as it will help you get everything without missing anything.

Mandatory camping items include tents, sleeping gear, blankets, flashlights, headlamps, camp tables and chairs, medicine, a portable stove, kitchen supplies, toiletries, food, and water.

This list might change according to the length of the stay and the location. However, always make a list, and it will make things easier. 

  • Pre-planning 

If you want camping to be your hobby, you must pre-plan the trip. Assess your goals for camping; in other words, what do you expect from camping? With whom will you be doing it? Usually, camping is a group activity.

You may go camping with your family, a group of friends, a partner, or yourself. Accordingly, make an agenda on how you want the camping trip to be.

Add things that will make it more interesting; for instance, you can do games and fun activities. It is also advisable to practice certain things before the camping trip, especially setting your tent; this is crucial if you are a beginner. 

What do you need to start camping as a hobby?

If you read up to this point, now you might have a rough understanding of things that you should have to start camping as a hobby. The first and most important thing to have is a tent. When you select a tent, pay attention to the size, material, and ventilation.

As said earlier, it is always better to do a trial at home so that you understand what other tools you should take to set up the tent. Bedding is the next important thing that you need. You can have sleeping bags, blankets, or air pumps according to your requirements.

You should also have kitchen equipment such as portable stoves, pans, coolers, and plates. You can take pre-made food if you do not want to carry much kitchen equipment. You must pack appropriate clothes depending on the camping site and weather conditions.

For instance, if you go camping in a cold climate, you need boots and cozy jackets. If you go camping in a warm environment, you can take shorts and a hat. A basic first aid kit is also a must for a camping trip.

Moreover, you can carry personal items, including a toothbrush, comb, and sanitary items, in your backpack. You will also need headlights, lanterns, and batteries. If you follow camping as a hobby, make sure to take proper care of your stuff so you can use them again on your next trip. 

Final thoughts 

Camping is an exciting outdoor activity and a perfect hobby. If you need to follow this as a hobby and get the maximum benefits from it, you must properly understand how you should do it.

You can do a pre-research and educate yourself on the basics of camping, and when you do camping for a while, you will get the hang of it and enjoy it to the fullest.

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