Paper Making As A Hobby - Beginners Guide + Tips

Paper Making As A Hobby – Beginners Guide + Tips

People use hobbies to relax their minds while developing various skills and personality. Accordingly, there are many popular hobbies like; reading books, gardening, collecting stamps or antiques, writing, meditating, etc. And there are lots of benefits of engaging in a hobby.

Do you know that paper making is also a popular hobby among some people? And, some others wish to engage in paper-making as a hobby but do not have an idea about doing it.

Therefore, this is your chance to collect all the necessary information through this article as I have covered all the important information related to paper-making here. 

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What should you know about paper making as a hobby? This is completely done by recycling the materials. So, it is a very eco-friendly activity. There is a long history of the origin of papers that dates back to the 3rd century AD. And, at present, it has been identified that wood pulp can be used to make the best papers. But, when it comes to doing this activity as a hobby, it is better to use recycled materials. Accordingly, you want; water, recycled paper, mould and deckle, sponge and blender to make papers. Then, by following a few steps, you can make them well.

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered; what is meant by papermaking, paper making in the past and present, what do you need to do this, and finally, I have given you the steps to follow when making them. Let’s get started!

What is meant by paper making as a hobby? 

Papermaking can be identified as; preparing your papers using household recycled materials. You may feel this is a complicated task. But, many people engage in paper-making as a hobby. It is not only a self-sufficient activity but also a comforting and straightforward activity. 

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So, what are the tasks of engaging in a hobby? The major task is to relax the mind. Also, it intends to develop various skills and abilities, help to socialize well, improve physical and mental fitness; this also gives a sense of achievement.

So, all these tasks can be fulfilled by paper making and if you want you can make it as a source of income. 

Here, you are converting recycled papers into completely new ones, giving a more comforting feeling and self-satisfaction. This is not a more complex activity and costly hobby. Anyone can engage in it only with a little cost.

Only you want a few materials here, including water, blender, recycled papers, plastic vat, mould and deckle, sponge, absorbent material, and clothesline. And there are only a few steps to follow here where everyone can easily understand.

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Therefore, if you are a beginner willing to make papers, do not get it as a big issue; you can only go to your task with little cost. Your willingness and dedication will offer you more than you expect. 

Papermaking in the past and at present

What do you think about this activity; is it a newborn activity? No, really; the origin of it dates back to the 3rd century AD and has been created for the first time in China. So, we can’t directly say that paper making as a hobby has been popular in recent years.

The leaders of China have kept making papers a secret for a long period, but it has spread all over the world with the development of the trade.

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Accordingly, the papermaking process expanded in various countries, and with the development of technology, Europe made a paper-making machine for the first time in the 19th century. So, it greatly impacted the modern papermaking system. 

When talking about this at present, it has been found that wood pulp creates the best papers. But, trees are an essential part of Mother Nature. It can be cited as the life of Earth, which fulfills all the basic needs like; food, water, and air.

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So, it is not a good idea to continue this process anymore in the face of the great deforestation. Instead, you can make them easily at home yourself. That’s why it is important to encourage this hobby at present. 

Under various experiments on papermaking, people could find many easy ways for that. The DIY project, which incorporates unique textures for the papers, is one of the results of such experiments.

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Also, different textures can be given by adding string or confetti to the paper pulp. Accordingly, this procedure has been developed a lot from the past now. As a result, it also has started to be popular as a hobby.

What do you need to make papers? Paper making supplies

What do you need to make papers? Paper making supplies
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As I said earlier, paper making is not a costly activity. Therefore, it is likely to be a popular paper making hobby among people. But, as beginners, you may haven’t a good idea about the materials to use here. But don’t worry; I will help you with that through this.

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  • Water

It is recommended to use 75% of water for 25% of shredded paper. No matter if you use faucet water here.

That means; you do not have to use special or specific water for this. So, you do not have to spend more effort to find this. 

  • Recycled paper

If you are engaging in a DIY paper-making project as a hobby, you should use recycled paper.

It is very interesting to make new papers from the used ones. That means; you can get the full use of your used papers through this.

  • Blender 

Blender is not new equipment for the kitchen of any house at present. It is used to chop vegetables and fruits, but the case is different here.

You have to blend some scrap papers with water to make the pulp to create new papers. 

  • Mould and deckle 

This is used to shape the pulp that you made. You can buy them at the shop, or you can make one on your own with a screen and a picture frame. 

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  • Plastic container

This container needs to be larger than your deckle and mould because; they should fit into the container.

As it is the place where you are going to store the whole pulp you created, you should read it well before using it. 

  • Absorbent material

Felt is used as the coaching material in paper making traditionally. The couching material here is where the wet sheet is to be kept after it has been fit as you wish.

You have to set the wet sheet on the absorbent material (felt) like a newspaper. Then, keep another at the top when you dry it. 

  • Sponge 

You can use a sponge to remove all the water within the paper fibers.

Another absorbent material can be used over the sheet and gently press the top of the covered wet sheet and use the sponge to dry when necessary. 

  • Clothesline

This is very helpful when creating the papers on your own, which can be used to hang the coaching material and the papers and so that; they will dry faster. 

  • Embellishments

This brings fun for your activity where you can try various textures, items, and colors that add uniqueness to the creation. You can try it by using petals, seeds, glitter, etc. 

How can you make papers as a hobby? 

How can you make papers as a hobby? 
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Although this is a fun activity for people when practiced well, as beginners, you have to get a clear understanding before engaging in paper making as a hobby. Here I will discuss the process in more detail.  

  • Collect the materials you need and select a place to craft

Before starting to craft, you should double-check whether you have all the requirements. And also, select a place without obstacles to safely create your papers.

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  • Cutting the recycled papers

Here, you have to cut the recycled papers into small pieces because; you can’t blend big papers. So, first of all, cut them into small scrap pieces.  

  • Pour water into the blender

You can’t blend without adding water to it, and make sure not to exceed the amount. If you exceed the water amount, the mixture will be out, and the results will not come as you wish. 

  • Put a handful of papers into the blender

Do not put all the paper pieces into the blender at once; it will burn the motor of the blender. So, first, add a handful of papers to it and continue it until you finish with all. 

  • Blend 

Here also, do not blend with high speed and start it slower to prevent the machine from damaging.

When the mixture becomes smooth, you can increase the speed as you wish. And, you have to make the mixture until it becomes a pulp. 

  • Put the pulp into a basket

After blending, you should take a vat and put the pulp into it to hold. Until you create the expected amount of the pulp, you have to follow the steps that I mentioned from the beginning until now. 

  • Adjust the pulp as you wish

This means; if you feel that the pulp is too runny or thick or something else, you can adjust it as you wish.

If it is too thick, you can add water to dilute it, and if it is runny, you can add more paper pulp to make it thick.

  • Dip the mould and deckle into the basket

Here, the tool should be perpendicular to the bottom of the vat when you dip the mould and deckle into it. Then it will be easier to dip into the pulp.  

  • Lift the mould and deckle from the pulp

After the mould and deckle dip in the pulp, you have to scoop it. Then, you need it to cover in the pulp and make it parallel to the bottom of the basket.

After that, lift it straight by remaining the mould and deckle parallel to its bottom. 

  • Shake the mould and deckle

After taking the tool out of the vat, you should shake it firmly but do not do it vigorously. You may help the pulp settle into the basket’s screen by removing the water in it as much as you can. 

  • Removing the deckle

After the fiber gets settled as you wish, you can remove the deckle. Then, you are left with the mould and the fibers that are settled on the screens. 

  • Transferring the wet sheet into another material

This is the place where you have to use the absorbent material.

So, by gently putting the mould upside down, you have to gently transfer the wet sheet to your felt. And, make sure to press against the screen gently. 

  • Create more

If you want, you can make more papers by continuing the same process, and if not, you can keep the pulp for a few days for later use. But use it before making a smell.

  • Keep another absorbent material on the top of the wet sheet

This is useful for absorbing the water quickly, and you only have to use another absorbent and keep it at the top of the forming paper.

For example, if you take felt, you have to place it over the forming paper.

  • Sponge out the excess water

Here, you should not press the forming paper with too much force. Only you have to press the top absorbent with the sponge, and you may continue to remove the excess water.

  • Let the forming paper dry

You should keep the forming paper until it dries in between the absorbent materials.

If the paper is securely sandwiched between those two, you can hang it to dry fast by using a clothesline or a clothespin. It may take about a day to complete the drying process. 

  • Add a unique surface for the paper

Here, you can add different textures to the paper if you want. It is better to experiment with unique creations to add more color to your creation.

Final thoughts about paper-making as a hobby

We have discussed; paper making as a hobby with more details. I think this article will work out for everyone who seeks a hobby to spend their leisure times as I have covered many important areas related to one of the most popular hobbies as; what is meant by paper making as a hobby, paper making in the past and at present, what do you need to do this and finally I have given you the steps to follow when making them.

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Hobbies play a major role in releasing people’s stress, boredom, and even anxiety. Most of the mental issues can be resolved by hobbies. Accordingly, paper making is also a nice hobby that helps you to spend your free time effectively.

Here, you may generate new papers by using used and recycled papers. It is not a recently emerged activity but dates back to the 3rd century AD. And now, it has been developed, and many people engage in it even as a hobby. So, you want water, recycled papers, absorbent, mould and deckle, sponge, etc., to make papers.

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Also, there are only a few steps to follow here as; collecting the materials you need and selecting a place to craft, cutting the recycled papers, pouring water into the blender, putting a handful of papers into the blender, blending, putting the pulp into a basket, adjusting the pulp as you wish, etc. Anyway, although this is a hobby, you also can make it a source of income.

Thank you for reading the post. If you think this is useful, feel free to share it with your friends. Stay with HobbyLeads for more about hobbies.


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