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Delbert Spence is the founder of HobbyLeads. He is passionate about meaningful extra time by engaging in different hobbies. He believes every hobby has its qualities and benefits. So, Delbert started writing about different hobbies and researching more in-depth about each hobby. He has done some research on the correlation between hobbies and social-emotional behavior. As a scholar and a hobby enthusiast, Delbert tries to help you find answers to frequently asked questions about hobbies.

Donna Clemons runs a homemade candle, soap, and gift set business successfully. She started the company six years back in her basement and has 14 in-house staff for producing and distributing products. She wanted to share her experience of candle making, soap making, and handcrafting with interested people. Donna will be an excellent asset for converting your hobbies into an income.

Juan Brock is a professional meditation instructor and constant. He has studied meditation for years in different countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Japan, China, Myanmar, and Turkey. Juan is interested in the combination of meditation and religious perspectives about it. Hundreds of people learn at Juan’s meditation center. He wanted to join with HobbyLeads and write about Meditation and Yoga. He will be a great asset to interested readers.

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