Are Hobbies A Sin? All You Need To Know

Are Hobbies A Sin? All You Need To Know

Now, people are like machines, and a change is essential to relax their busy minds. But, some people haven’t a clear idea of having that change.

A hobby can do much on this, but it will be a little confusing for most people when it comes to the religious context. Their problem is; are hobbies a sin? Therefore in this article, I will discuss everything related to hobbies and religious perspectives.   

So, are hobbies a sin? We can say that it is not a sin. Still, if anyone neglects the religious practices by giving priority to the free time activities, then it can be a sin for them. A hobby can be identified as an activity that is done during the leisure time of any person deviating from the regular lifestyle and remains unpaid.

So, there are many benefits of having a leisure time activity like; developing creativity, imagination, having fun and enjoyment, relaxing the mind, etc. As you know that it is not a sin, you can select a good free time activity that suits you and try to develop your hidden skills while having fun and enjoyment. 

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered; what hobbies are, are hobbies a sin, and the benefits of having leisure time activities.

Finally, I have provided you with a clear idea of fun and enjoyment that will motivate you to engage in free-time activities. Let’s get started!

What are hobbies?

Before finding the answer to the question, are hobbies a sin? It is worth understanding the meaning of hobbies clearly. It will help you to choose the best one. 

Accordingly, a hobby is an activity that you are likely to engage in during your leisure time apart from the usual work and unpaid work.

Reading, writing, and collecting stamps were very popular free-time activities in the past until the present. But, their popularity changes with time and the development of technology.

For example, new free time activities like; e-reading, video games, and e-shopping have become very popular. Many little children tend to detach from reading books, and the internet has become the sole source of knowledge for them.

There are both good and bad sides to this. It is easy to find any information you need to know through the internet, but it does not increase your capacity to read and think. The ability to come out with new creations will be decreased due to this. 

The generation gap also plays a major role here. The people who lived in the past loved very traditional free time activities where most of them were involved with nature.

At present, it has turned upside down, and most of the children like to engage in advanced technical leisure time activities. 

Anyway, the benefits are the same in most of them, and people like to select the hobbies that suit their skills and capacities.

As anyone loves freedom and relaxation, there is no age limit for leisure time activities. You can develop your skills while relaxing the mind through them until the end of your life. 

The best thing is that there are no restrictions to select hobbies for you. There are both indoor and outdoor free-time activities. You can engage in any type of activity that you like.

Some indoor activities are; table tennis, chess, carom, while volleyball, football, cricket become outdoor free-time activities. Anyway, there are no barriers for you to do this; you can select any activity you like.

Are hobbies a sin? From religious aspect

Are hobbies a sin? From religious aspect

Now, you know what a hobby is. So, here let’s discuss; are hobbies a sin with more details. This can be discussed in relation to Christianity.

Accordingly, the world was created by God within six days, and the last day which is Sunday was spared as the free date.

And God also asked people to keep that day and pray for God and continue the whole day with fun and enjoyment. So, people can engage in any leisure-time activity that they like.

It is said that free time and hobbies are gifts from God. So, how can a gift from God be a sin? A free time activity is something that gives you fun and enjoyment while relaxing the mind.

So, there is nothing wrong with engaging in such an activity. Still, it is important to consider the attitudes of the person who is engaging in that activity. 

If you are a Christian who is more devoted to your religion, you may think that it is a sin to engage in free time.

But, the religion itself does not forbid free time activities because it is said that even the God who created the world ended his duty, and finally, he also rested.

Accordingly, he included the principle of having a rest. God has created all these things for our good. So, it is not a sin to engage in them.

It also says that laziness is a sin but not engaging in something useful is a sin. If your free time activity calls you laziness, then it will be a sin for you. 

You know that God spared a resting date for all of us. Therefore, it is considered a gift from God. Then, how do you neglect that gift? Therefore, you can engage in any free time activity that you like.

And, do not forget to involve your family members if you can because it will help to develop your family bond.

As an example, if your free time activity is traveling, you can involve other family members also with you. That was the real intention of sparing free time by God. He wanted to improve your inter-relationships and spread love in the world.

So, you have to engage in a hobby according to God’s teachings

Benefits of hobbies

Now, you know the answer to the question; are hobbies a sin. As it is not, now you may be in a hurry to know about their benefits well because it will motivate you to engage in free time activity. 

  • Growth of the physical well-being

There are both indoor and outdoor hobbies. Most outdoor hobbies will help people to improve their physical well-being.

When you are engaged and active, you can automatically improve your physical health. This is possible even at your old age.

As an example, many people like hiking which strengthens you physically. So, you can have a healthy life even when you are old. 

  • Improving the mental health

You can promote mental alertness and concentration by engaging in a free time activity that happens due to a chemical reaction that takes place inside your brain.

Accordingly, it will also help to strengthen your self-esteem. 

  • Growth of the creativity

This comes as a personal skill and can be improved by engaging in reading, writing, cooking, photography, painting, etc. So, many people use them as their hobbies.

As an example, when you write more, you can come out with many new creations the next time. It also can be developed up to a professional career.  

  • Spiritual growth

A hobby not only improves physical and mental well-being but also helps your spiritual growth. Leisure time activities like; yoga and meditation help for a person’s spiritual growth.

As an example, yoga will calm your mind while giving good physical exercise. And, the additional advantages of it include; improving the physical strength and capacity to face life challenges positively. 

  • Release of the stress

Many people at present are suffering from mental stress. So, a leisure time activity will be very helpful to remove that stress by changing the regular lifestyle.

You will be able to refresh after engaging in any free time activity you love. 

  • Helpful for the career

Sometimes, you may don’t know that you have various hidden skills. They can be exposed to and developed through hobbies.

They also will help your career. For example, if you don’t know that you are creative, you can develop it by engaging in a hobby like; jewelry making, reading, painting, etc. If you like, you can develop it as your profession.  

Fun is not a sin

Fun is not a sin

The most common question followed by the problem is; are hobbies a sin? Will doing fun be a sin? Yes, both of these are not sinful activities. 

This confusion is commonly seen among Christians. But, do not misunderstand that those people do not have fun and enjoyment in life. Only they are following God’s rules.

But, the bible does not tell them to detach from those things. Even God has spared time for rest after creating the world. 

So, God does not impose restrictions for fun. Even many examples of great celebrations are found throughout the bible.

David danced, turning water into wine by Jesus at a wedding celebration are a few examples found in it. God has emphasized that having fun and celebrations will lift the spirit of anyone.

Further, he says that he wants to see that the Christian teens are enjoying worldly things to see the beauty and the meaning of what he has created. 

But, when having fun, God wanted Christian teens to have some limits. Accordingly, various activities can be fun but result in long-term spiritual and physical consequences.

If the leisure time activity involves sin, God does not recommend it. As an example, if your hobby is fishing, it is not accepted as a fun free time activity by God because you are killing animals.

As God is spreading love, he does not accept it. So, it is better to select a fun hobby that does not involve sin. 

Final thoughts whether a hobby is sin or not 

We have discussed; hobbies are a sin with more details. I think this article will work out for everyone as I have discussed many important areas related to free time activities and sin like; what are hobbies, are hobbies a sin, what are the benefits of having leisure time activities, and finally, I have provided you with a clear idea on fun and enjoyment that will motivate you to engage in free time activity. 

People love to have fun and enjoyment regardless of age, gender, religion, etc. It is an activity that a person does during his leisure time without being paid.

They relax their minds while developing the skills like; creativity, imagination, communication skills, etc. But some people think that having fun and enjoyment with leisure time activities is a sin.

But, it is a completely wrong opinion because God himself has spared a resting time as a gift for people. Therefore, there is no meaning if you think that fun and enjoyment with a hobby is a sin.

You are free to engage in any leisure-time activity that you like. Thank you for reading the post. Stay with HobbyLeads for more about hobbies.


  • Delbert Spence is the founder of HobbyLeads. He is passionate about meaningful extra time by engaging in different hobbies. He believes every hobby has its qualities and benefits. So, Delbert started writing about different hobbies and researching more in-depth about each hobby. He has done some research on the correlation between hobbies and social-emotional behavior. As a scholar and a hobby enthusiast, Delbert tries to help you find answers to frequently asked questions about hobbies.

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