Can Hobbies Be Inherited? Are Hobbies Genetic?

Can Hobbies Be Inherited? Are Hobbies Genetic?

Hobbies are the activities that we engage in regularly in our leisure time for fun and enjoyment. Within our busy routine, we all are trapped in a stressful condition, and hobbies come there as the solution to release our stress.

Hobbies have no frame, rules, or boundaries. You can select hobbies according to your preference. When engaging in a hobby, can hobbies be inherited is a famous matter that comes to the discussion.

So, can hobbies be inherited? Are hobbies genetic? Yes, hobbies can be genetic and inherited. Your ancestors may gift you several abilities, talents, skills and interests. Some people have similar hobbies as their parents, family members, relatives, or ancestors. Inheritance may create an enthusiasm towards hobbies that make people more successful in their leisure time. However, remember that every hobby doesn’t come from genes or inheritance. There are new, unique, and innovative hobbies according to the personal preference of a person’s character.

By reading this article, you may first briefly understand what the hobbies are and then will be able to find answers to whether hobbies are inherited and genetic or not. Then, let’s pay attention to how to identify genetic hobbies.

Finally, let’s identify some examples of hobbies that are inherited or come from genes. So, since hobbies are important for everyone’s life, this article will be useful. Let’s get started!

What are hobbies?

We all are trapped in a busy lifestyle with a regular workload and routine in the contemporary world. When we are doing the same work or same activities all the time, whether they are our studies or profession, our lives become bored and stressed.

Hobbies are the best medicine to cure this stress. It can be defined as the activities that we engage in regularly in our leisure time according to our preference with no framework. Hobbies are engaged with the purpose of fun, enjoyment, and relaxation. 

Like our professional activities, hobbies are not bound by any regulations or compulsory nature. People are free to choose anything as hobbies according to their interests and skills.

Most of the time, we can observe that people become more successful in their hobbies than their professions due to their interest in them.

Some of the categories of hobbies that people choose are indoor hobbies, outdoor hobbies, collecting hobbies, aesthetic hobbies, physical activities, etc.

Since hobbies depend upon the characteristics of people, the question of “are hobbies genetic?” comes to the platform. 

Can hobbies be inherited?

When considering people’s hobbies, sometimes there are similarities with the hobbies of family members and relatives. It reminds us to raise the matter, can hobbies be inherited? Yes, hobbies can be inherited sometimes.

According to studies, one in every four people inherited hobbies from their ancestors. Many adults believe that they inherit their old ancestors’ hobbies, interests, and jobs.

However, the situation is a bit different when it comes to the younger generation. They are innovative, and they find their hobbies that are new and aligned with new technologies. 

This inheritance from older generations can be witnessed purposely or without any purpose accidentally.

For an example, I was playing here and there in the living room of us during my little age and accidentally touched my mother’s piano. Then, I was interested in it and used to play it during my little ages without anyone teaching.

Now, I’m playing piano as my hobby, and I think it came from the inheritance and genes of my mother, who is a professional pianist.

Likewise, some characteristics, traits, behaviors, and interests can be inherited and come from the genes from a generation to another generation.

But they are not always inherited or genetic. Still, they can be unique, new, and innovative, according to the personal characteristics of a person. 

How to identify genetic hobbies?

How to identify genetic hobbies?

When considering the matter of, are hobbies genetic, there are several ways to identify whether your hobbies are genetic or inherited. Here are some ways to identify it. 

  • Hobby gene

According to studies, most adults in Britain believe that there is a thing called the hobby gene, and their hobbies are a result of genes that inherit hobbies from their ancestors.

Even though there is no such thing scientifically proven, hobby genes are a considerable topic to concern since there is evidence of them that are inherited with genes. 

  • Family Tree

Another way to identify genetic hobbies is by observing the family tree. You may be able to identify whether your hobbies are genetic or not by observing the hobbies of your family members, relatives, and ancestors.

Suppose they have the same or similar hobbies as you. In that case, they can be genetic hobbies that are inherited from your family.

  • Skills and Talents

If you have significant or extraordinary talents and skills in specific hobbies, they can come from inheritance or genes.

We can observe some kids show special talents on several things without studying them since their childhood. They can be an inheritance of genes from someone in the family.

  • Significant interests

When you have significant interests different from your current situation or the environment, they can surely be genetic hobbies.

For example, when you love ice skating as a hobby while residing in Sri Lanka is some such hobby that is genetic.

Examples for Inherited or genetic hobbies

While in the concern of the matter, can hobbies be inherited, when choosing and engaging in a hobby, it is good to identify what hobbies are inherited or genetic and what are not?

As we already discussed, all hobbies are not genetic, and some can be new and innovative as well. And we cannot exactly mention a list of hobbies as inherited or genetic since they depend upon the family and your ancestors.

I hereby mention some common inherited or genetic hobbies that most people experience. Just go through them and think about whether you too have genetic hobbies.  

  • Aesthetic Hobbies

Aesthetic hobbies are one of the major hobby categories that can be inherited and genetic. I said it as the whole category here since aesthetic hobbies are mostly based upon talents and skills.

Some famous aesthetic hobbies are singing, dancing, composing music, playing musical instruments, painting, acting, etc.

Most people choose aesthetic hobbies due to their born talents. They come from our ancestors’ genes, and most of the time, we can even observe the roots of grandparents with the same aesthetic hobbies and talents.

Therefore, aesthetic hobbies come from genes mostly but can be different and unique according to situations.

  • Sports

Sports too can be mentioned as a category of hobby that can be inherited or genetic. Sometimes people engage in sports by choosing the path of their parents and ancestors.

We can sometimes observe sports families where generations are into the same sport. The skills and abilities of sports can be inherited from genes. They contribute to making a talented person in the field.

  • Cooking

Cooking is one of the famous hobbies that are considered inherited. There is a famous consideration that the ability of cooking comes from mother to daughter from inheritance.

This can be true since I also have the same experience. My mother and grandmother are cooking experts, and they can cook well.

I also have a hobby of cooking, and most people say my foods are also tasty as my mother’s and grandmother’s foods. I believe it comes from genes.

  • Creative writing

Creativity can be inherited from genes. It can be hidden for generations and then inherited with super grandchildren.

There are instances where creativity arises with no genetic background but with the person’s own abilities.

But we can observe that many poets, writers, and other creative workers have the genetic background of inheritance from their ancestors.

I had a friend that wrote poems as a hobby, and her grandfather was a famous poet in the Colombo poetic era.

  • Voice imitating

Voice imitating is another famous funny hobby that people engage in for enjoyment. But voice imitating cannot be engaged by everyone. It needs talent and skill.

Some people have the special talent for imitating others’ voices, and this voice imitation can be inherited from genes as well.

Some imitate their father’s voice, and we can see some children sing songs in their father’s voice when they are famous singers. 

  • Handcrafting

Handcrafting is a controversial hobby to identify whether it originates from genes or not.

There are instances when some people have not learned anything about the field but are super talented in crafting. Such occasions can be a result of their genetic inheritance.

This genetic nature creates more advanced creations, making people more successful in their hobbies.

On the other hand, some people learn handcrafting, and they engage in it as a hobby without any inheritance. 

Final thoughts about hobbies that can be inherited or genetic

After reading this article, you have identified what the hobbies are and found answers for ‘are hobbies genetic?’. Then, we’ve observed the ways to identify genetic hobbies and, finally, some examples for genetic or inherited hobbies.

Everyone has an ancestral family background, and with that, some of our behavior, traits, skills, and abilities were decided.

Even though every hobby is not decided by genes, some hobbies come with inheritance. Understanding them will be advantageous for you to improve yourself to the fullest.

Thank you for reading the post. Stay with HobbyLeads for more about hobbies.


  • Delbert Spence is the founder of HobbyLeads. He is passionate about meaningful extra time by engaging in different hobbies. He believes every hobby has its qualities and benefits. So, Delbert started writing about different hobbies and researching more in-depth about each hobby. He has done some research on the correlation between hobbies and social-emotional behavior. As a scholar and a hobby enthusiast, Delbert tries to help you find answers to frequently asked questions about hobbies.

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