When Hobbies Interfere With Relationships? What To Do?

When Hobbies Interfere With Relationships? What To Do?

The world maintains its existence through relationships. At the same time, a free time activity is essential to relax people’s minds to maintain the existence of the ongoing world. That means both are important to the same extent.

Then, what happens if one overtakes another? Simply, what can be done when hobbies interfere with relationships? It will create many problems for you. Therefore, in this article, I will discuss this in more detail. 

So, what to do when hobbies interfere with relationships? Hobbies may interfere with relationships when spending more time on them than your partner. It can negatively affect your marriage life or relationships. Therefore, you have to; nurture the marriage, communicate effectively or look for common free-time activities and hobbies. The best remedy is to try finding a common hobby like; playing cards, traveling, cooking, decorating the living space, etc. It will increase your two’s mutual understanding, and you will have more time to be together. 

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered; how to identify that your leisure time activities interfere with relationships, what can be done if it happens, and the importance of having common free-time activities.

Finally, I have provided you with some common hobbies that you can practice. Let’s get started! 

How to identify that your hobbies interfere with relationships? 

Before discussing the things to do when hobbies interfere with relationships, it is important to discuss the ways to identify that your free time activities interfere with relationships.

So, let’s discuss it in more detail. 

  • You may hide the whole truth about the amount of time that you spent on the leisure time activity 

Complete transparency and honesty with the spouse are very important for the success of married life.

So, if you hide the complete truth about the time you spend on your free time activity, it is a huge damage to your marriage life.

Anytime you think of hiding something from him/her, you do not have a successful marriage life. 

  • Spend much time on the free time activity than on the spouse 

This is a sign of your life’s imbalance. It is not a good idea to put any person, possession, or experience ahead of your spouse. They need their partner’s full attention.

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So, if you are so obsessed with the hobby and neglect the spouse, you will suffer a lot in your relationship. 

  • Your friends who engage in the same leisure time activity may don’t know your spouse

It is dangerous to keep your partner out of any part of your life. After marriage, you are not two people at all. You will become one person.

There should be no secrets or hidden parts of the life for you from the partner. Leisure time activities are not bad, but when you hide even a little thing from the spouse, it is not a good sign for your relationship. 

  • Spending more time on the hobby than on your spouse and the family 

This is very dangerous. You should not have more important things than spending time with your family.

Suppose your careful attention is towards the leisure time activity and the related things rather than on the most loved ones in life. In that case, you may lose the greatest blessing in this world. 

  • Sharing more feelings and thoughts with the hobby friends than you do it with the partner

This is also very important. The starting point of damaging most of the marriage lives is not sharing partners’ internal ideas and feelings openly.

But, some of them tend to share them with friends who engage in leisure time activities with them.

That is because you spend more time on the leisure time activity, not on the partner. It is unfair for him/her. If it continues with an opposite-sex person, it will call for many problems. 

What to do when hobbies interfere with relationships? 

What to do when hobbies interfere with relationships?

Relationships are built upon people’s hearts. So, if something goes wrong in them, it will affect lifelong suffering.

Leisure time activities are some things that can interfere with your relationships. Therefore, let’s discuss what can be done when hobbies interfere with relationships.

  • Nurturing the marriage 

Here you have to consider the priorities of life. That means, think of the importance; whether the free time activity or your marriage life.

If the free time activity comes to your mind first, you have to nurture your marriage relationship. Prominent things should come first.

You should give priority to the marriage life and the spouse. Share the most important moments with him/her and show that they are more important to you than anything else. 

  • Look for shared hobbies and interests 

This is the best thing that you can do to keep both hobbies and relationships hand in hand.

When you select the free time activities that you can engage in together, it will not create problems for the relationship as you can have enough time to be together and enjoy the interests together by developing the skills. At the same time, you can exchange ideas, love, etc. 

  • Communicate 

Communication is very important for the existence of any relationship.

So, if you feel that you lost the time to communicate with your spouse due to the leisure time activity that you are engaged in, you better start a chat with the spouse to manage your time to spare for the hobby and to be with the family.

If not, select a common hobby that you will get the chance to communicate well. A relationship should comfort you, which should not make you suffer.

Only good communication can relieve disputes, so it is better to prioritize that. 

  • Prioritize the connection and the fulfilment

Lack of connection and fulfillment leads to the downfall of a marriage life because; if your spouse feels that you do not fulfill his/her needs, you can face the most dangerous consequence in this world.

Therefore, you have to always prioritize fulfilling the needs and interests of the spouse rather than focusing on hobbies. If not, hurt, frustration, the discomfort will damage your bond. 

  • Treat personal hobbies as important 

This can be understood through an example. Accordingly, think that your wife loves to watch cookery shows, but you hate them instead, you need to watch game shows.

Then, there is a possibility of a conflict between you two. It will ruin your life. Therefore, you have to understand that personal interests are important.

As you love your interests, the other one also loves his/her interests. Therefore, do not conflict over them and instead try to solve those little problems through better understanding.  

What is the importance of engaging in common hobbies?

What is the importance of engaging in common hobbies?

As you know that there will be more problems when you do not spare more time for your spouse, it is better to engage in common leisure time activities.

When you know their importance, you will be encouraged to try at least once. Therefore, I thought of coming out with their importance with more details. 

  • You will be able to know about your partner

You will be offered more time to be with your spouse when you share the free time activities with him/her.

So, you can understand many things about the partner when they expose themselves in front of the hobby.

For example, if your spouse likes to share leisure time activities like; hiking and skydiving, you will get to know that they love adventure and take risks just like you.

And, if he/she shares music playing, writing songs, etc., which means they are calm and creative characters.

So, although you are new to each other, you can know many things about him/her when you share your free-time activities.  

  • Making the relationship more fun

Having common hobbies reflect that you are engaging in a positive relationship. It will be more funny and enjoyable, and you may act as two friends and become closer to each other.

Also, it has been found that the couples live very happily by maintaining close relations when they tend to share all their interests and give priority to themselves.

  • Can provide mutual support

When sharing the free time activities, you will be able to provide mutual support, which is very important for the existence of your marriage life.

Building trust and common skills is an additional benefit here. So, this will make a strong foundation to face the challenges in life in the future together with mutual support and understanding. 

  • No need to fight for seeking the attention 

With common free-time activities, you can have enough time to be together. So, there is no need to seek the attention of the spouse.

He/ she will always be with you when having free time and it is better to exchange your ideas and feelings as well.

Therefore, this can be cited as the best means to overcome the challenges that occur when hobbies interfere with relationships.  

  • Create a deep bond

A deep relationship can be created with the mutual understanding that you gain through engaging in common free-time activities.

It also has been recorded that; those who practice common leisure time activities are less likely to have mental health issues, including stress and depression, because they can release every stress by exposing their problems and ideas in front of their partners.

Accordingly, a deep bond will be created as the partner feels comfortable in front of the spouse.  

  • Understanding the ideal choice

When sharing leisure time activities, you can understand hidden feelings, interests, and your partner’s skills.

Then, you will get to know that you have made the ideal choice, and accordingly, the love and caring will be increased.

And finally, you will be satisfied with the partner by thinking that you have made the best choice. 

What are some hobbies that both of you can engage in?

Now, you know what to do when hobbies interfere with relationships. Accordingly, the best trick to solve those problems was presented as selecting common interests.

So, what are they? Here, let’s discuss some common hobbies that you can engage in together. 

  • Playing cards

This is a nice game where only two members participate. Therefore, it is a good hobby for a couple like you.

You can enjoy various games by using these cards as there are many adult card games. Mutual help can be provided, hereby strengthening the bond between you two.

Accordingly, it increases your love, togetherness, and closeness by strengthening the relationship. 

There is no need to be an adventure or a risk-taker to engage in this type of leisure time activity. This is very helpful in increasing mutual help, love, caring, and affection for one another.

The adventure mixed with love and nature will add more unforgettable memories to your biography.

  • Playing chess

This is a brain-sharpening game where two people can play together at once. You two can spend quality time if you select this as the free time activity.

When both of you are mentally stimulated, you can come out with new plans and good ideas together. 

  • Decorating your living place

Some leisure time activities give mental relaxation and enjoyment and sharpen personal skills like creativity. This is also one of those multi-quality hobbies.

Here, you will get the chance to be together by exposing each other’s hidden creative ideas and decorating the living space as well.

Love and romance will come with this by making your relationship very strong.

  • Starting a collection

This is an interesting hobby that does not limit you to a single boundary. You two can collect anything that both of you like.

It may be stamps, wood carvings, seashells, or anything else. But, do not forget to give priority to the ideas of both because; It will reflect your common tastes.

When the collection increases, you two can be satisfied with full of happiness. As it increases, the strength of the relationship also increases. 

  • Learning new languages

Learning can’t be stopped until the end of a person. So, you two can learn a variety of new things together where learning new languages will be more interesting among them.

Here, you can choose any language that both of you like. It adds more knowledge and vocabulary and gives the chance to be together, gives mutual support, etc.

As learning a new language is an investment, you can have a benefit while strengthening your relationship.

  • Cooking together

This is a fun activity that improves connection, conversation, and physical closeness. Washing vegetables, chopping, washing the dishes are the activities that involve cooking that you two can share and engage in together.

It will grow your mutual support, love, and with the new recipes, you can expose your creativity to each other.

When you two can cook tasty food as a couple, it will promote love and caring also. Therefore, this is a good leisure time activity that you can do as a couple. 

Further, there are many other activities that you can engage as hobbies together like; 

  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Dancing
  • Meditating
  • Cycling
  • Going for a walk 
  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Camping
  • Go stargazing
  • Getting into crossword puzzles

Final thoughts about what you can do when a hobby interfere with your relationship

We have discussed; when hobbies interfere with relationships with more details. I think this article will work out for everyone as I have covered some important areas related to hobbies and relationships like; how to identify that your leisure time activities interfere with relationships, what can be done when hobbies interfere with relationships, what is the importance of having common free-time activities and finally I have provided you with some of the common hobbies that you can practice.

Hobbies and relationships have a strong link in how you treat them. Accordingly, if you give priority to one, the balance of life will get lost.

Therefore, it is important to balance them without interfering with one another. It can be done well by engaging in common free-time activities because they will get the chance to spend more time together with their spouse.

Accordingly, mutual support and understanding will be increased. Also, some of the examples of common leisure time activities are; cooking, gardening, painting, etc.

So, by practicing those free-time activities, you will be able to kill two birds at one shot to have the happiness of married life while relaxing your mind with the hobby you are engaged in.

Thank you for reading the post. Stay with HobbyLeads for more about hobbies.


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