Do Minimalists Have Hobbies? Answers + List & Tips

Do Minimalists Have Hobbies? Answers + List & Tips

We are living in a society with different people with different characteristics. Among them, minimalists are popular for their significant nature. Minimalism refers to a simple lifestyle with minimum resources.

Minimalists only use the most compulsory things they need to live, and they reject the use of unnecessary things. People often ask us whether minimalists have hobbies or not. Therefore, we are going to discuss it.

So, do minimalists have hobbies? Yes, minimalists have hobbies. Minimalism doesn’t have any structured framework or boundaries to avoid leisure activities. It only reduces unnecessary stuff, and even though you are a minimalist, you also need to release stress and get relaxation. If you are a minimalist, you can choose simple and minimal hobbies such as reading, writing, hiking, photography, blogging, gardening, yoga, etc.

By reading this article, you may understand who is a minimalist and whether they have hobbies or not. Then I’ll list down some good minimalist hobbies, and you can try them out.

Finally, I’ll provide you with some tips for minimalists to follow hobbies. So, minimalists here are your chance to choose your hobby to make your time more effective. Let’s start!

Who is a minimalist?

We meet different people on different occasions with different characteristics in our day-to-day life. Minimalism is one such nature of people that can be witnessed in society. Minimalism is a simple way of living that uses a minimum amount of resources.

Minimalists intentionally use only the necessary things for a living. They reject the use of an excessive amount of resources and unnecessary things.

They are around with a small number of things, and they are trying to spend life to the fullest with the full usage of their time and fewer things. 

Minimalists believe that using few things will save the time of maintaining a large number of items and things.

For example, if you have a large number of rooms and furniture in your home, you need to spend more time on house cleaning.

It will waste your time, and minimalists hate wasting time and resources. Minimalism will spend less time as well as less money on necessities, and it will make life more simple and easy.

Since minimalists do not prefer to waste their time and resources, do minimalists have hobbies come to mind. 

Do minimalists have hobbies?

So, do minimalists have hobbies? Yes, they have hobbies. Since minimalists use fewer resources and things, they will prefer to follow hobbies with the minimum usage of things. Many people follow minimalism today due to its ease and simple nature.

However, when concerning minimalism, the image created in our mind is that a person is wearing a black shirt with a single baggage of items. But the real situation is different from it.

Minimalism refers to having only the required necessities. It depends upon people to people and is different according to the person’s characteristics.   

Minimalists can have any amount of hobbies according to their preference. They can engage with them by following their minimalism policies.

There is no exact agreement for minimalists, and cutting down unnecessary things doesn’t mean eradicating all the preferences and interests.

Minimalism suggests removing the things that are not necessary for us while allowing time for us to spend with the things we need and love.

Therefore, there is no boundary for minimalist hobbies, and minimalists can also engage in hobbies as they wish by following their minimalist orders. 

Best hobbies for minimalists

Best hobbies for minimalists

As we already discussed, there is no barrier for minimalists to engage in hobbies. They can choose hobbies according to their preference.

The most suitable hobbies for minimalists are those that need fewer resources and money since minimalists love to use a minimal amount of stuff around them and such hobbies suit them more.

Minimalists need to be relaxed, and here are some good minimalist hobbies that can make minimalists’ leisure time more effective by providing them fun and enjoyment. 

  • Reading

Reading is the easiest minimalist hobby that many minimalists prefer to engage in. It has no exact framework or schedule, and people can engage with it easily.

Reading doesn’t need any financial basis, and it only needs your time, concentration, and a book.

You don’t need money to buy books since there are public libraries where you can get a membership and read books freely.

Therefore, reading needs minimum stuff, and it matches the requirements of a minimalist well.

  • Photography

Photography is also a good hobby that minimalists can engage with since it doesn’t need much stuff or money.

You don’t need expensive cameras and other photographic equipment to engage in photography as a hobby.

You can use a small camera or simply your mobile phone camera to engage in photography. Pictures are a good way to keep memories and enjoy life. 

  • Blogging

Blogging is another interesting hobby that needs minimal resources. You only need a computer with an internet connection to engage in blogging.

Today we all have computers and an internet connection. Therefore it is easy to engage with blogging.

It enhances your knowledge while contributing you to earn some financial income through it as well. 

  • Painting

Painting is another simple hobby for minimalists who do not need much stuff or space. You can do painting simply with watercolors or a few inks.

It won’t need many things, and you can use only the necessary stuff to engage in painting as a hobby. 

  • Gardening

Gardening is another famous hobby of minimalists. Since minimalists do not like to fill their surroundings with unnecessary things, simple gardening as a hobby will be good for them.

You can grow your fruits and vegetable needs, and it will be financially beneficial for you.

And also, gardening will support you to manage your surroundings with the necessary things with a pleasant attitude. 

  • Writing

Writing can be mentioned as another good hobby that needs minimal things. You just need a pen, paper, and your creativity.

Writing hobbies can vary with poems, stories, novels, fiction, non-fiction, songs, articles, or news.

It does not need any space or anything special but gives you relaxation and enhances creativity. It is one of the best hobbies that I believe is well suited for minimalists. 

  • Hiking

Hiking too doesn’t need many things as it simply depicts climbing mountains for fun and enjoyment.

Nature lovers and people eager to travel and burn their energy prefer hiking, and hiking is less expensive than traveling.

It matches the minimalism concept since hiking in its nature has the theory of carrying only the necessary things. 

Yoga is another good hobby for minimalists, and it only needs a yoga mat. But a yoga mat is also not necessary to engage in yoga.

Yoga is good for the physical and mental health of people, and it helps you balance your body and mind.

Many people follow yoga as a hobby, and it is famous among minimalists due to its simple nature. 

Tips for minimalists to follow hobbies

Since the answer for the matter, do minimalists have hobbies, is yes, it is good to identify some specific facts or tips that are important for minimalists to follow hobbies.

As we know, there are no barriers for minimalists to have hobbies, and they can engage in hobbies.

I’m also a kind of minimalist. I follow some tips to engage in hobbies while balancing my minimalism approach.

If you are a minimalist, try these tips while choosing and engaging in a hobby.

  • Keep in control

Control is the most important part of the concept of minimalism. If you are a minimalist and still engage in hobbies, then you need to keep your control on the hobby and everything you do.

The control over things can be a barrier for you to engage in hobbies. You need to carefully spread the control of your minimalism approach over your hobbies. 

  • Manage space

Space is one of the main parts of the concept of minimalism. Minimalists consider more about space, and they try to manage the space with a minimum amount of stuff and resources.

Therefore, when you are engaging in a hobby, try to manage the space for the items of hobbies.

Separately create a space for the hobby stuff and do not allow them to irritate your minimalist lifestyle. 

  • Time management

Time is also important for minimalists in their way of living by using only the necessary stuff.

Since hobbies are the activities that you engage in your leisure time, you need to manage your time for hobbies without disturbing your simple lifestyle.

Minimalism will help you to manage time effectively with minimum use of things. 

  • Choose hobbies with minimum use of things

When choosing hobbies, try to choose minimalist hobbies that match your need to use only the necessary stuff.

Above mentioned hobbies, such as reading, writing, yoga, blogging, etc., need only less stuff.

Therefore, try to engage with such hobbies since they match your minimalism requirements. 

  • Set own rules

Minimalism or hobbies both don’t have any structured frameworks or rules. Therefore, you can set up your rules and boundaries for minimalism and the hobby to balance them.

You are free to create your own rules to make it more effective to spend your leisure time.

You can limit the items and the space you use by imposing rules for yourself in engaging with hobbies and rules by creating a bond for you to follow them.

Final thoughts about best hobbies for minimalists

After reading the article, you now understand what minimalism is and who minimalists are. Then, you get a clear idea on the matter do minimalists have hobbies.

After that, we discussed the best minimalist hobbies and tips you can follow to engage in hobbies as minimalists. So minimalists don’t get discouraged from following hobbies with your minimalist lifestyle.

You have no barrier to adapting your hobbies your way. As we already mentioned, there are minimalist hobbies as well. Good Luck with balancing your hobby with a minimalist lifestyle!

Thank you for reading the post. Stay with HobbyLeads for more about hobbies.


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