Is Hiking A Good Hobby? Of Course; Guide, Hints + Tips

Is Hiking A Good Hobby? Of Course; Guide, Hints + Tips

Fresh air, beautiful scenery always distract us from physical and mental stress. Being with nature after a heavy working week will boost up your mood and energy to work more productively.

Hiking is one of the best ways for that. The hike is going for a walk in the countryside. The hike is connected with a walk, stroll, trek, march, pace, bound, etc.

Moreover, it is combined with a lot of outdoor activities like camping, mountain climbing, etc. You can have a wonderful lifetime experience through hiking. Also, hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities all over the world.

So, is hiking a good hobby? Yes, it is a good hobby for healthy and active people who always like to experience new things in their life and who admire the beauty of mother nature. If you have an energetic gang of friends, hiking will be easier and more enjoyable. Hiking helps to boost up the mood, and also lots of physical and mental advantages. For example, if you practice hiking as a hobby, you can visit jungles and beautiful remote areas, spend nights under the stars on a mountain that is far away from the busy cities, etc.

On the other hand, hiking has its cons too. There is a risk when you travel to a place that you are not familiar with. And also sometimes you can be lost, out of food, rain and other weather conditions will be a challenge for you. So you have to prepare for the worst when you go for a hike.

Read the full article to find out if hiking is a good hobby through exploring the answers to why hiking is a good hobby? And if you are a beginner at hiking, this article mentioned the best tips for you.

And as mentioned above, hiking is a risky hobby. You can learn the risks and essential hiking safety tips through reading this article. Hiking is a very good hobby that anyone can enjoy. This article will help you to make your hike safe and fun.

Why is hiking a good hobby?

Sometimes, you may think hiking in a remote area would not make you happy, and it is a stressful activity to engage in. But, hikers never get enough with beautiful sceneries in the top of the mountains, fresh air on their skin, sun beaming down on them, and the beauty of nature.

If you wonder why hiking is a good hobby, read the following section to know why hiking is considered a good hobby.

  • A good exercise

Staying active is good for your health, and this is one of the main reasons many people prefer hiking as their hobby.

Apart from staying in a gym for exercising, it is good to have mental happiness through exploring nature. The fresh air and beauty of nature will boost up your mental happiness while helping you to burn up your extra calories.

Mainly hiking will improve your cardiorespiratory health, lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, slow bone loss, and help to deal with blood pressure, etc. So, hiking is a good exercise for your overall health.

  • It is cheap or free

Many hobbies these days cost a higher price. Unfortunately, some of them cause more stress and anxiety too.

But hiking is cheap, and sometimes it is free. So, do you still doubt that hiking is a good hobby?

  • Increase mental health

As mentioned above, hiking gives you overall health benefits. Not only physically but also mentally. Natural settings in hiking will clear up your mind from the stress you suffer as well as your sorrows.

So getting rid of negative thoughts in life such as anger, depression, anxiety will increase your memory and fix your mood to work happily and actively.

Hiking teaches you how to be happy with little things in your life.

  • Enhance creativity

Researchers show that creativity level goes up to around 50% after a hike. You may face lots of challenges while hiking, and it needs problem-solving skills to face these challenges.

So it helps to increase your problem-solving skills as well as it will enhance your creativity.

  • You can lose yourself in nature

Sometimes you may be addicted to your mobile phones, video games, and social media. But, hiking allows you to lose yourself in nature.

It gives you calmness in your mind other than playing video games or scrolling social media throughout your leisure time.

  • You get to spend quality time with loved ones

You can have quality time with your loved ones when hiking. No other distractions will disturb you. So it is a great way to spend more time with your family or friends.

Hiking for beginners

If you are a beginner in hiking, you may worry about whether hiking is a good hobby? as it affects your safety, and so on. But you do not need special practice or skills for hiking.

You just need curiosity and love for nature. This guide will help you to enjoy your hike safely and happily.

  • Pick a hike suitable for beginners

Do not try to take a tough place as your first hiking destination. If so, you may suffer half of the hiking. Many beginners make this mistake as they try to overdo it.

Pick around 05 miles of a hike at the beginning. And choose a place you are familiar with. If not, get familiar with the destination before you start your hiking.

  • Find a hiking partner

You may think hiking alone is more peaceful than hiking with partners. But, do not try this if you are a beginner at hiking.

You can team up with your friends who like to hike. Traveling with partners will reduce the risks.

  • Choose a Hiking Route

You have to find easy ways for your hike. Do a little bit research and get to know the location of the hike before you go through certain websites and guidebooks.

You can know the routes, water sources, directions, etc., through your friends. And also, talk to locals and contact a hiking organization for more safety.

  • Hiking Backpack

You have to make sure that you carry a backpack with essential items. Such as;

  • Navigation (map & compass)
  • Sun protection (sunglasses & sunscreen)
  • Insulation (extra clothing)
  • Illumination (headlamp/flashlight)
  • First-aid supplies
  • Fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candle)
  • Repair kit and tools
  • Nutrition (extra food)
  • Hydration (extra water)
  • Emergency shelter (tent/plastic tube tent/garbage bag)

These items are called “Ten essential items” that cover every area of hiking essentials.

  • Food and Water

Remember to take enough food suppliers when you are hiking. You may not have a proper idea of the quantity of your food that you should carry.

So it will be better to contact an experienced hiker. Do not hike with a starving body, or else do not eat much when you are hiking.

Always try to hydrate your body and take enough water supplies for that. Moreover, remember to fill the container if you find drinking water sources while hiking.

  • Tell Someone

Remember to inform your closest friends or family members about your hiking with details. It will help to save your life if something bad happens.

Risks of hiking

The article shows that hiking is a good hobby. On the other hand, this hobby has risks too. Following are some examples of risks that you may have to face while hiking.

  • Getting lost

If you are hiking through a jungle, this can happen. And if you are hiking in an unfamiliar environment, always have a backup plan to return to a safe place.

  • Hiking Injuries

Accidents can happen anytime at any place. Make sure you are taking a first aid kit in your backpack.

Also, do not overestimate your abilities when you are hiking. And do not push yourself beyond your limits when you are exhausted.

  • Not Enough Water on Your Hike

Remember to drink enough water while hiking. So make sure you carry enough water as well as fill your water containers from clean water sources like rivers, springs that you met on your way.

  • Weather

You cannot control the weather. So be prepared for any weather conditions, such as rain, freezing temperatures, and heatwaves, etc.

  • Wild animals

Sometimes you may be threatened by wild animals if you are hiking in a jungle. Venomous snakes, bees, scorpions are common in the jungle. Be prepared for the worst.

  • Rock falls

This is a life-threatening risk. Watch over your hiking territory always and make sure that every step is safe.

Essential hiking safety tips

We discussed potential risks of hiking as a hobby in the above section. But you can minimize the risks and engage in hiking safely. This guide will help you with that.

  • Hike with a “buddy” when at all possible.

This will reduce 50% of the risk level. 

  • Stay hydrated and bring drinking water

Always make sure you are hydrated enough. Carry water and other liquids that are necessary to stay hydrated.

  • Know where you are going ahead of time

Always keep concentration on where you are going, and you are following the correct path.

  • Customize your first aid kit

Carry the first-aid kit and customize it according to your needs. For example, you may be suffering from diabetes, so make sure that you put your medicines in your first-aid kit. 

  • Protect yourself from the sun

Always try to avoid the sun when you are hiking. This can be a direct cause of dehydration. Try to avoid peak hours for hiking and also cover your skin with a wet cloth if the heat is too high.

  • Hike During the Day

Try to hike during the daytime. It will minimize the risk of getting lost. 

  • Bring a Map

Do not try to rely on electronic devices whenever you are hiking because they can be turned off at any time. So take a map with you. 

Final thoughts about hiking as a hobby

Reading this article shows that the answer is “Yes” to the question; is hiking a good hobby? Both young and adult people all around the world engage in hiking as their hobby. Perfect views, favorable climate, away from the busy environment will bring you nothing other than calmness, happiness to your life. Moreover, it fades away depression, anxiety, stress, and other negativeness within us. 

Hiking gives you a lifetime experience. And it has many other advantages too. As there are risks of hiking, you have to follow safety precautions to face those successfully. So your hiking will be fun and safe!

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