Debating As A Hobby – Is It A Good Hobby?

Debating As A Hobby – Is It A Good Hobby?

We all have different kinds of hobbies; reading, singing, making photo albums, gardening, etc., are some of the most common ones. But then again, you might also have heard someone mentioning that debating is their favorite hobby. So, let’s unveil all the facts about debating as a hobby!

Is debating a good hobby? Yes, it is a good hobby, but quite an unique hobby because the majority believe it is based solely on arguments. But debating as a hobby can be very exciting and an eye-opening activity. Read on to find out more about debating, what skills can be developed by debating, and much more!

Is Debating A Good Hobby?

If someone asks you, “Is debating a hobby?” the chances are that you will say no to them. It is because debating is not considered a fun, relaxing activity. 

But debating as a hobby does not mean that you keep on having debates and arguments with your loved ones now and then. It does not mean arguing which TV channel to put on with your sister. 

So, if you need a simple answer to the question, “Is debating a hobby?” then I will say yes. Still, it becomes a hobby only when the topic is thoroughly researched and well-spoken, with no negative/aggressive comments on what the other person says!

What Skills Does Debating Develop?

Debating as a hobby is one of the best ways to take control of what you say by positively articulating your thoughts and emotions

Debating is a good hobby, especially for the old-aged people. Research has found that when old-aged people are debating, it can improve their cognitive abilities, memory performance, and creativity.

Below are some skills that debating develops when done as a hobby.

  • Critical thinking skills

Debating as a hobby improves your critical thinking skills because you get the chance to analyze situations carefully without making heated arguments.

You will always try to see the evidence behind an opinion or a statement when you have good critical thinking skills rather than believing everything you see and see. You will also see that sometimes you are not right but the other party when you develop this skill.

  • It enhances thought articulation

Sometimes we often have trouble articulating our thoughts, meaning that we find it challenging to speak our thoughts aloud. Struggling to explain a certain topic to another person or not having organized conversations are examples of this.

So, debating as a hobby will help you identify these shortcomings, and you will be a quick speaker even when you are a novice to the topic at hand. 

  • Enhances research skills

Even if you are debating as a hobby, you will have to read a lot of books, articles, and newspapers to find information about certain topics. Keeping notes on what you find when you read will be extremely important.

This means that debating will also develop your research skills. It is because when you are debating, you have to present concrete and truthful evidence, even if they don’t support your personal opinions. 

  • Conflict resolution

When thinking about whether debating is a hobby, you should remember that it is an excellent hobby when you don’t go into heated arguments with people that you are debating with!

You should also remember that you might not always be right. So, you need to ensure that your personal opinions do not affect how you debate. When you do that, you will learn to accept defeat gracefully and resolve conflicts with other people rather than trying to prove your points. 

  • Increased empathy towards other people

Debating as a hobby will allow you to think in other people’s shoes. Sometimes you might not even agree with a certain statement, but after considering facts given by your opponent, you will begin to think about the beliefs of people who agree with the statement.

For example, imagine that you don’t believe in abortion unless it is life-threatening for the mother. But your opponent brings up cases of rape and how women face difficulties with unplanned pregnancies when they are in poor financial conditions.

So, you might be agreeing that abortion is necessary for some other situations too, and you will be empathetic towards women who have unplanned pregnancies. 

  • Public speaking skills

If you are fearful of public speaking, debating is a good hobby that you should get into. This is because you will get the chance to speak with others more often.

Debating also gives you a great opportunity to improve your presentation skills. But it would help if you remembered to speak clearly and reflect well on what statements you are going to present.

Can Anyone Be Good At Debating?

Many people think they can’t get into debating because they are not “born debaters” or because they lack the “basic debating skills.” But that is not the case because anyone can be a debater with the right mindset! 

Below are some skills you need to improve if you plan to have debating as a hobby. 

  • Keep calm: When you sense that the other person is debating about something that is not tallying with your opinions, you should be calm without losing your patience. You should always speak slowly while voicing your arguments and try to control your body language.
  • Maintain eye contact: It is important to maintain eye contact when debating because then you will appear confident and sure about what you speak. It would help if you did not look everywhere when voicing your opinions, or you might seem anxious to other people.
  • Try to keep it emotional: You indeed need to control your emotions when debating as a hobby. However, it is also important to connect with other people on an emotional level when debating, such as when giving examples. You can always make sure they are relatable to the majority of people.
  • Do excellent research on the topic: One of the most important skills to have as a debater is excellent research skills so that you will have the confidence to answer any question/cross-check your opponent gives.
  • Stick to the topic: You should also remember not to go back and forth between well-established statements as well as personal opinions. Stick to true facts of the topic so that other people can clearly understand what you are speaking about. 

Final thoughts about debating as a hobby

In the end, debating isn’t just words clashing; it’s a thrilling journey of ideas. We explored how this hobby sharpens your thinking, polishes your speaking skills, and opens your mind wide.

Remember, it’s not about proving others wrong but understanding diverse perspectives. So, whether you’re a seasoned debater or a newbie, embrace the joy of respectful exchanges. Step into the arena with an open heart, ready to learn and grow.

The beauty lies in the give-and-take, the back-and-forth that stretches your mental muscles. Let’s celebrate the art of debating for the wisdom it brings and the connections it fosters.

Keep those discussions alive, for they’re the sparks that light up the path to mutual understanding in our world. Happy debating! Stay tuned with us for more interesting posts about hobbies.


  • Delbert Spence is the founder of HobbyLeads. He is passionate about meaningful extra time by engaging in different hobbies. He believes every hobby has its qualities and benefits. So, Delbert started writing about different hobbies and researching more in-depth about each hobby. He has done some research on the correlation between hobbies and social-emotional behavior. As a scholar and a hobby enthusiast, Delbert tries to help you find answers to frequently asked questions about hobbies.

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