How To Balance Hobbies And Work? Complete Guide + Tips

How To Balance Hobbies And Work? Complete Guide + Tips

Today, people compete to collect money, wealth, and hierarchy in society. So, they are working out as machines. A break is important for them to come out of this trap and have a change. So, a hobby can do it well.

As a result, many people choose various leisure time activities according to their interests and skills. But, balancing hobbies and work is a major problem for them. Therefore, this article is all about balancing hobbies and work. 

So, how to balance hobbies and work? You may think it is impossible to engage in a hobby with your work. But it can be done well by; setting up a schedule, making a list, limiting the time on social media, etc. It is very important to balance these two as; it relaxes your mind, gives you a break, refreshes your mind, and helps you to be a new person. So, do not limit your talents and feelings; give them a chance to mix with your life by balancing them well. 

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered what a hobby is, whether it is possible to balance your free time activity and work, and the importance of balancing these two.

Finally, I have provided you with some practical tips to do this properly. Let’s get started.

What is a hobby?

First of all, let’s identify the meaning of hobby because it will guide you to find the answer to the question; how to balance hobbies and work. 

It is an activity that you can engage in during your leisure time. When you do it regularly without being paid, it will become your free time activity.

With time, the popularity of various hobbies tends to change with the arrival of new activities like video games, e-shopping, etc.

Accordingly, the free time activities that were commonly used by people in the past can be not that much favored by them at present.

As an example, many people have been engaged in collecting stamps earlier, but now they engage more in technology-based leisure time activities because it is easier for them with their busy life. 

Anyway, there are no limitations for anyone to engage in a leisure time activity because everyone needs freedom, relaxation, and a change for the regular life schedules.

Therefore they can choose the best activity according to their skills and interests. They can expand their hidden capacities through those activities. So, it is a very practical way to shape up the personality and shine themselves in their fields.  

And, these are not limited to the indoors because many outdoor leisure time activities are popular among people.

As examples; hiking, gardening, traveling, photography can be identified. So, you can choose either indoor or outdoor free time activity according to your interest area and the capabilities you hope to develop. 

Is it possible to have a hobby with your work?

Before answering the question; how to balance hobbies and work, I would like to answer another major question of many people related to this.

Accordingly, you may think that it is impossible to deal with both of them with the busy lifestyle that you spend. But is it true? 

The simple answer here is, it is possible to enjoy a leisure time activity with your work. But, your commitment is important to get full use of them.

No one can say that they are full-time workers from their rise until they sleep because people are not machines; they have a limit to work.

You can exceed that limit but not always because; it will directly affect your both mental and physical well-being. 

Accordingly, first of all, you should understand yourself. That means; you have to understand your likes and dislikes, skills and weaknesses, etc.

Along with that, come out of the box to make you happy. It will bring you more strength than you think. If you think that it is impossible, try to love yourself.

Then you will easily make it possible. When you identify and choose your interests, you will get used to them.

They will automatically become a part of your life when it is continued regularly. And, you will never say it is impossible again. 

What is the importance of balancing hobbies and work?  

What is the importance of balancing hobbies and work?

You may think about the importance of this process when talking about how to balance hobbies and work. Yes, there are many reasons for this to be considered as important.

Let’s discuss them in more detail. 

  • Development of the physical well-being of people

Leisure time activities help people to keep themselves active. So, when you balance your work with them, your physical well-being will be improved by making the environment for you to lead a happy and healthy life.

As health is the most important factor of a person, you can’t measure the importance of keeping these two in a balanced way. You will become physically strong as a person who can bear any challenge in life. 

  • Improving the mental health

Free time activity becomes a change for the busy schedules of people, which directly helps for the improvement of their mental health.

A chemical reaction that takes place in the brain of people when they are engaging in a leisure time activity is the reason for this. 

  • Developing the creativity

This is a unique personal skill that you can develop by doing any activity that you like during your free time. So, it does not become a disturbance of your work as you do it in your leisure time.

You can use many hobbies like; reading, writing to improve this skill. They are not complex things that harm your regular work. So, you can try them. 

  • Spiritual growth

Working is not life. There is spiritual freedom apart from the regular life we spend. Real freedom can be reached by entering into that spirituality.

As you have a busy working schedule, you may think that it is impossible to do. But, you can do it through a simple hobby like; meditation, yoga which improves the physical and mental well-being of a person as well.

You can experience how this happens by balancing your schedule with a free time activity.  

  • Releasing the stress

Stress leads to many mental illnesses. As nowadays people spend a busy life when compared to the early period you need to have a rest.

If not, you can’t run the process for a long period because; when the body system is damaged, especially the brain, then the whole process will stop.

But, when you balance work with a hobby, this condition can be reduced to a large extent.  

  • Helps your career

Your hidden skills can be developed when you engage in various leisure time activities. That means, sometimes you may only know about your capacity at the specific working field that you work at the moment.

But, you may have many other skills like; creativity, photography, communication, etc. So, those skills can be developed through a hobby which will help your future career because; you can use them in your field of work at the moment and reach its top.  

  • You may have an extra income

Some hobbies help you to have an extra income like; jewelry making, gardening, etc. So, this is a greater benefit for low-income people if balanced well.

As an example, if you can come out with creative products, you can make new, stylish jewelry and sell them at fair prices on the market.

So, it will make money for you while improving your creativity, business skills, and communication skills. Therefore, we can see that balancing work and free time activities is important. 

How to balance hobbies and work?

Now you know what a hobby is and the importance of balancing work with a leisure time activity. So, now you may be in a hurry to know how to balance hobbies and work.

Therefore, here let’s see those methods in detail.

  • Setting up a schedule

You have to make a good timetable by including all the things that you do from your rise until you sleep.

So, in that timetable, include an activity that you like to do apart from the academic or professional activity.

It may be reading a book, writing a poem or a story, playing chess, etc. Spare at least 15 minutes per day for that. 

  • Getting the priorities

This will be confusing for you because I told you earlier to spare time for leisure time activities. Still, I want to convey how to balance it with the work in another way.

For example, if your hobby is watching a TV show, you don’t need to sit there and watch it because; that TV show can be watched again, and you can even play it in the background so that you will be able to listen to it.

If your priority is to do work like; finishing your painting or preparing a presentation, you can do it by playing your favorite TV show in the background. 

  • Sleep 

Good sleep is important for everything. You can’t work like a machine because your body can’t bear such stress for a long time.

Therefore, it is better to relax your mind with calm music or a nice book for at least an hour before going to sleep.

It will offer you a healthy sleep that can refresh you. So, it is important for both your work and the setting up of goals.  

  • List out the works

This will help you to control the day according to your tasks and priorities. A hobby can play its role well when you make this list and spare time by finishing the tasks of the day one by one.

You can note down the daily goals, and once you finish them, make a note to notify them that you have finished with them. It will save you time.

  • Limiting the time that you spend on social media

Social media can be a blessing on some occasions but it also will waste your time sometimes. So, you have to distinguish between the real needs to be watched there.

If not, it will waste your time that you may be unable to complete even the daily tasks. Also, you may not get free time to engage in any activity.

Therefore, do not waste your time on things like watching others’ posts, etc. 

Further, you have to;

  • Take a break
  • Do not make perfection on your end goals
  • Learn new things
  • Get the use of your lunch break

Final thoughts about balancing hobbies and work

We have discussed; how to balance hobbies and work with more details. I think this article will work out for everyone as I have covered some important areas related to leisure time activities like; I have covered what a hobby is, is it possible to balance your free time activity and the work, what is the importance of balancing these two and finally I have provided you with some practical tips on how to balance hobbies and work.

Everyone likes to reach their goals successfully. But it can’t be done only by working like machines. You need to shape up yourself by increasing various skills. A hobby will be a good guide for this.

So, it is an activity that can be done during your leisure time according to your interests and skills. Although you may think that you can’t balance them with your busy schedule, it is possible to follow methods like; setting up a schedule, getting the priorities, sleeping, listing out the works, limiting the time you spend on social media, etc.

And, of course, it is very important to do this because; it will release your stress, develop your unique skills, help you reach your goals, etc. So, it is on your hand to balance your work with the leisure time activity that you like and reap its benefits.

Thank you for reading. Stay with HobbyLeads for more about hobbies.


  • Delbert Spence is the founder of HobbyLeads. He is passionate about meaningful extra time by engaging in different hobbies. He believes every hobby has its qualities and benefits. So, Delbert started writing about different hobbies and researching more in-depth about each hobby. He has done some research on the correlation between hobbies and social-emotional behavior. As a scholar and a hobby enthusiast, Delbert tries to help you find answers to frequently asked questions about hobbies.

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