What Hobbies Can I Do At Home? Complete Guide + List

What Hobbies Can I Do At Home? Complete Guide + List

At present, people are always busy. So, they are finding ways to release their boredom, stress, and a change for the regular lifestyle. A hobby will be the choice of many people. But, most of them do not like to go out after returning home from work. Therefore, their problem is; what hobbies can I do at home? Accordingly, this article is all about the indoor hobbies that you can use as a guide to select the best choice for you.

So, what hobbies can I do at home? There are thousands of indoor hobbies like; cooking, reading, writing, collecting stamps, paper making, jewelry making, etc. You can try a few of them and find the best one for you. There are many benefits of these activities such as; developing creativity and imagination, having fun and enjoyment, releasing stress and boredom, improving physical fitness, etc. 

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered the difference between indoor and outdoor hobbies, the best indoor hobbies, finding the best hobbies for you, and their benefits.

Let’s get started.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor hobbies? 

The hobbies you can do at home can’t be identified well without understanding the difference between indoor and outdoor hobbies. Therefore, first of all, let’s identify the difference between these two.

The main difference we see is that indoor hobbies are carried out inside a space, but outdoor activities take place outdoors.

And, here, the differences can be identified under some categories as;

  • Rules and techniques

Most of the hobbies are absent of rules. But, outdoor hobbies like; playing volleyball, football, and cricket have more sophisticated rules and techniques than the rules of indoor hobbies like; chess, carom, table tennis, etc.

So, they are less likely to have complicated rules and techniques. 

  • Environmental restrictions

We can’t control the natural environment. Therefore, sometimes adverse weather conditions like; heavy rain, snowfall, hailstorm, excessive heat will affect outdoor hobbies.

For example, if your hobby is hiking, you can’t hike when there is heavy rain or snowfall. But, there are no such problems with indoor hobbies.

As they are done on the inside, you can engage in them in any weather condition. 

  • Equipment

There is also a great difference between the equipment used for these two types of hobbies. Most of the hobbies that are engaged outside require complicated equipment.

Still, the leisure time activities that are done inside do not require such complicated equipment.

For example, if your hobby is traveling, you need to carry all the requirements like; food, water, a tent to camp, medicine, safety pads, helmets, etc.

But, if your free time activity is chess, you only need a chess board for that. 

  • Effort 

This is also a major difference between these two because we can see that many outdoor free time activities need more effort than the activities to be done on the inside.

For example, if you are engaging in hiking or cycling, you have to put lots of effort into that. Still, no such effort will be required for reading, writing, collecting jewelry, etc. 

What are the best indoor hobbies?

What are the best indoor hobbies?

Anyone who doesn’t like to go outside likes to engage in an indoor hobby. But, their major problem is; what hobbies can you do at home; because most of them are aware of outdoor activities but they don’t know that they can improve more skills like in outdoor leisure time activities by engaging in indoor hobbies.

Therefore, here let’s pay attention to some of the best choices for you. 

  • Woodworking

This is a fun hobby. Usually, people do this outdoors or in a garage, but you also can do it inside.

There, you may try various carvings, figurines, or even furniture. If you like, you can make this a source of income. It will polish your creativity, and you can develop your hidden skills.

  • Home improving projects

This is a good leisure time activity and an investment for your home because; it will add value to the house in the long term.

You can start to engage in this hobby on a small scale by painting a wall or something. And gradually expand the project by going to a kitchen remodel.

Then, you can see how the house gets improved after creating your vision and setting your budget. So, you can have self-satisfaction through this while increasing your quality of life

  • Cooking 

Cooking is a nice hobby that attracts many people. Not only females but males also like to engage in this.

You can try new recipes by looking at you-tube videos or even your recipes. Desserts, cookies, cakes can be prepared here.

So, this also develops your creativity and the relationship among the family members. You will be confident about the cooking skills that can attract all the family members towards you. 

  • Making candles

Like wood creations, this is also another exciting craft that is very funny and interesting. This will be a great indoor hobby if you are creative.

And if you like, you can sell your products and expand them to a great business by making them a source of income. 

  • Journaling

You may think that you are not a writer to engage in journaling. But, you need not be a writer to engage in this.

It will bring more comfort to your heart as you can deal with your thoughts, express your opinions and ideas, etc.

You have to choose a free time, even per week or every day, and go to a calm and quiet place before writing.

When you engage in this for a long period, you will reap more benefits. You can develop your creativity, release mental stress, etc. 

  • Engage in music

This includes both singing and playing musical instruments like; piano, guitar, violin, etc. You may think that it is not a beneficial hobby but, do you know that it gives more advantages than you think?

You can release boredom, stress, and music is the best medicine for many mental health problems.

On the other hand, as everyone loves music, you can earn money with that by creating new songs, singing and even playing musical instruments in a band, etc.

So, this is not a time-wasting activity but a rewarding hobby. 

  • Reading

Reading is a nice free time activity which has been popular among many people from the past until now:

  • You have to choose a calm place for this.
  • Go there with any book you like.
  • Soon you will go to a new world of your own.

It is a priceless feeling that you can own only through reading. It also improves your vocabulary, imagination, creativity, and knowledge. 

  • Watching movies

Some people say that watching movies is a time-wasting activity. But, it is a nice hobby that people can earn many benefits from.

Accordingly, when you watch movies, you can release boredom, isolation, and stress. Only you have to choose the best, rewarded movies. 

Further, you can engage in many other indoor hobbies like; 

How do you choose an indoor hobby?

How do you choose an indoor hobby?

If you are wondering; what hobbies I can do at home, this is your chance to learn to select them. I will help you with that. 

Suppose you do not have a clear idea of your interested area and skills. In that case, you can choose a few funny hobbies from the hobbies list that I provided earlier.

Then, try them to see whether you will enjoy it or not and go to the best option. If it does not work, you may choose other activities and try them.

And don’t worry if any of them does not make you funny because; at the moment you know what hobbies are not suitable for you and it will be a help to go to new options and find the best. 

And also, you can try this with your friends. That means; select a few hobbies and engage in a few of them with a friend or with the family and yourself because; some hobbies are more fun when they are done as groups.

As an example, although you may not like to watch classic movies, you can enjoy them with your friends. It’s on your hand to choose an individual indoor hobby or an activity that can be done in groups. 

Likewise, you can select any indoor hobby you like and improve your skills and make new friends. 

What are the benefits of indoor hobbies?

Everyone expects benefits by engaging in a leisure time activity. So, what hobbies can I do at home to earn such advantages? We have already given you some best choices and here, let’s focus on their benefits for your understanding. 

  • Having fun and entertainment 

This is the best advantage of indoor hobbies. You can have more fun and enjoyment by engaging in them.

Especially because of the busy lifestyles of many people, it is best to have fun and enjoyment even by staying at home. 

  • Improve the physical fitness

You may think that you can’t improve your physical fitness by engaging in an activity at home.

But it is not true because; your brain will be more active by stimulating physical fitness from these activities.

As an example, although many parents complain that video games waste children’s time, it is not completely true that they keep the children’s brains active.

Still, you should only spare a few hours to engage in it as a hobby. 

  • Health benefits

Indoor free time activities help strengthen your muscles and bones, which also manage the flow of blood inside the body by reducing the risk of cardiac diseases, weight gain, and depression. Accordingly, memory and mental health get to improve. 

  • Managing the stress

Releasing stress is one of the major expectations of engaging in a hobby. So, it can be fulfilled by indoor activities also because, as I explained earlier, you will have more fun and enjoyment here.

Accordingly, it will decrease the stress level of any person by refreshing them even to engage in day-to-day activities again. 

  • Help to socialize

You may think that only outdoor hobbies will help to socialize well by meeting new friends.

But, here also you can have that benefit because there are some indoor hobbies involved with social media or even you can engage in the free time activities like chess, carrom, watching movies with your friends and the family.

So, it is a good opportunity to socialize well. And also you can strengthen the relationships among the family members and friends. 

  • Development of the creativity and imagination

You can do some hobbies at home by improving your creativity. For example, if you read books that belong to various genres and once a book comes to your hand, you may go to another world of your own by staying at home.

So, it improves your imagination, and on the other hand, you can come out with your creation after that.

Some indoor activities improve creativity and imagination: writing, painting, engaging in music activities, etc. 

  • Make money

Do you know that you can make money from some indoor hobbies? The best example is, making jewelry.

You can enjoy the freedom of engaging in it while making money by selling your creations. If you like, you can also grow it into a large business.

Further, making candles, collecting stamps, making paper, soap making and woodcraft also comes under this.

Final thoughts about hobbies you can do at home

We have discussed; what hobbies you can do at home in more detail. I think this article will work out for anyone who is finding a free-time activity to engage by staying at home as I have covered all the related areas like; what is the difference between indoor and outdoor hobbies, what the best indoor hobbies, how to find the best choice for you and what are the benefits of them.

First, let’s see the difference between indoor and outdoor hobbies. Indoor hobbies are done inside, while outdoor hobbies are done outside. And their difference can be identified under various factors like; rules and techniques, environmental restrictions, effort, and equipment.

Then, what hobbies can I do at home? There are many choices for you as; reading, painting, engaging in music, writing, etc. By engaging in a few of these activities, you can select the best one for you.

It is very important because there are many benefits here such as; developing mental and physical fitness, releasing stress, making money, improving creativity and imagination, etc. So, you also can try various indoor hobbies and reap their benefits.

Thank you for reading the post. If you think this is useful, feel free to share it with your friends. Stay with HobbyLeads for more about hobbies.


  • Delbert Spence is the founder of HobbyLeads. He is passionate about meaningful extra time by engaging in different hobbies. He believes every hobby has its qualities and benefits. So, Delbert started writing about different hobbies and researching more in-depth about each hobby. He has done some research on the correlation between hobbies and social-emotional behavior. As a scholar and a hobby enthusiast, Delbert tries to help you find answers to frequently asked questions about hobbies.

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